Boris Johnson accidentally tells the truth

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There was some shock and bemusement in Westminster after Prime Minister Boris Johnson appeared to get caught accidentally telling the truth.

This incident occurred following an interview with a parish newsletter, which serves as the most rigorous and probing examination he has yet submitted himself to since becoming Prime Minister.

“I think he was a bit rattled because of the whole being-the-prime-minister-who-broke-the-constitution-and-country thing,” explained Simon Williams, who witnessed the shocking incident.

“But, he’d finished the interview and someone asked the time, he checked his watch and said ‘quarter past ten’ – which it actually was.

“There was this sort of shocked silence as people tried to come to terms with what had happened and Boris tried to roll it back by saying he meant that he meant to say ‘half-past two’ but it was clear, he’d been caught telling the truth.”

The incident could prove problematic for Mr Johnson within his own party as colleagues and members clearly voted him in as leader knowing that he lies about everything, so the fact that he appears to have actually told the truth about something could see them all lose confidence in him. Worst case, it could potentially see support grow for an even bigger liar – Dominic Raab or Michael Gove, for example.

It is understood that aides of Mr Johnson will, later on, begin briefing that Mr Johnson did actually lie about what time it was, in effect lying about his telling the truth in an attempt to reestablish his reputation as the biggest liar in the country.