Woman who believes vaccines cause autism also believes thing above her bed catches bad dreams

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A woman has defended her decision not to vaccinate her children due to autism fears, and insists she sleeps ‘fine at night thank you very much’ due to the dream catcher which she hangs above her bed.

Fiona Williams, 35, insisted that having done lots of research she has decided that the MMR jab is too much of a risk for her own children – a decision she insists is based in sound scientific reasoning.

This sound scientific reasoning is also behind her decision to hang a dream catcher above her bed.

Despite criticism of her position, which is based on roundly debunked science and mystical woo-woo, she told us, “Well, you might disagree, but my kids aren’t autistic and I haven’t had a nightmare in months. So checkmate scientists.

“Why would I poison my children just to make big-pharma even richer? You gullible people make me laugh.”

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Facebook friends of Fiona admitted she’s actually quite normal if you meet her in real life, but once on the Internet, she turns into a gullible simpleton who’ll believe anything if you put it in a meme and imply the truth is being hidden from you because of some deep conspiracy by the globalist elites.

“That’s when it all goes a bit wrong,” one told us.

“You’d never guess from a conversation at the school gates about the weather that she secretly believes David Icke is the second coming and that chemtrails are a plot to give us all mind-control drugs.

“And no, none of us invite her kids to our birthday parties.”