Why aren’t parents listening to expert advice on vaccines, asks man who’s spent three years publicly denouncing ‘experts’

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As the UK lost its ‘Measles-free’ classification, Boris Johnson has ordered urgent action to ensure young people are protected against Measles, and to find out why in the last three year parents have become far more sceptical of the opinions and advice of experts on the matter.

As the World Health Organisation said the UK can no longer be considered Measles-free, Johnson has ordered an investigation to find out why parents stopped listening to experts.

As one Whitehall insider told us, “The UK was declared measles-free in 2016, but for some unfathomable reason, parents have become less trusting of experts since then – no, we have no idea why.

“It’s probably the Internet’s fault. That seems to be the stock position these days.”

Johnson himself took time to address reporters on the issues, and to reinforce his own position on ‘experts’.

The Prime Minister told reporters, “It is important that has a nation we have a healthy scepticism of experts – when that scepticism is politically convenient to me.  But when it becomes inconvenient, such as when the rise of preventable childhood diseases can be blamed on me – then you should definitely listen to experts.

“There are two types of experts, those that I agree with, and those that I don’t. I think looking for a pattern beyond what is, and isn’t convenient to me is likely to be a fruitless exercise.

“You might suggest that we should just tell everyone to listen to experts all of the time, but then what happens when experts think something I want to do is bordering on the insane? See. That wouldn’t be helpful to me at all.

“Just listen to me, and I’ll tell you when you should listen to experts, and when you should ignore them.”