Trump condemns audience for chanting ‘send her back’ not ‘send them back’

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Donald Trump, US President and twice winner of the coveted Racist Sex-Pest of the Year award, has condemned the audience at one of his recent fascist rallies for chanting ‘send her back’ when they should have been chanting ‘send them back.’

“It was disappointing, I didn’t like it. I didn’t like to hear fine people like that chanting ‘send her back’,” explained the President, possibly whilst sexually assaulting someone.

“It’s kind of unclear, you know, who they were talking about. Was it the brown lady from Minnesota or the brown lady from Massachusetts?

“Also, we don’t have time to send each on back one at a time like that. I’m a busy guy and I like to sleep in, so we got to send them all back. All at once. Bang. We get that job done, and we move on.”

Mr Trump went on to explain how he plans to avoid this sort of confusion at his next fascist rally.

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“We get a warm-up guy, someone like, you know, like Chachi from Happy Days or Jim Davidson, and we get them to go out. Tell some good old fashioned jokes and then teach the audience the words to ‘Send them back’.

“I guess that could take a while as some of my supporters take a while to learn stuff good. But, you know, we get everyone chanting ‘Send them back,’ then we send them back and we can get on with making America white again.

“I mean, ‘great,’ we make America great again.”