Woman spends hour and a half cleaning house before cleaner arrives

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A Basingstoke woman has today spent an hour and a half cleaning the house to ensure it is clean and tidy before the cleaners arrive.

With the cleaners due to arrive around lunchtime, Sharon Williams, 38, said it was important that the cleaners didn’t think they live in a dirty mess, and that leaving anything grimey would be ‘disrespectful’ to the people she is paying to do the cleaning.

Having spent approximately ninety minutes doing “a quick once over with the hoover and a duster” plus a bit of “tidying”, Williams insisted she was now comfortable with how clean the place looked before her employee arrived to clean it.

She said, “Phew! I’m glad that’s sorted, I would imagine there’s nothing worse as a cleaner than walking into a house that’s dirty. I’m not sure I could stand the embarrassment if the cleaner had to scrub the floors or clean my family’s dirty rooms.

“I pay good money for our cleaner, so I don’t want her wasting her time cleaning things that I could easily clean just before she arrives.”

Husband Simon said, “Don’t bother mate. I’ve tried having this conversation a hundred times, but apparently, I’m just a ‘disgusting arsehole clearly happy to wallow in his own repugnant filth’. I mean, I’m not, that’s why we have a cleaner – but it’s just easier to let her crack on for a couple of hours just so the cleaner can painlessly do the exact same thing two hours later.”

Cleaner Barbara told us, “I don’t know why she bothers paying me. The place is always spotless. It’s the easiest money I earn all week.

“If she wasn’t at home when I’m there I’d sit and read a magazine for a couple of hours – she’d be none the wiser.”