Comparing the EU to Hitler is the first step in getting them to give us a better deal, insists Boris

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Boris Johnson has defended his comments that the EU is attempting to unite Europe in the same way Hitler wanted to, insisting that insulting your negotiating partner is how all the best deals are concluded.

Boris made the comments in the run-up to the EU referendum, and has insisted that his position has not changed in the last three years.

He told reporters, “I’ve read many books on negotiation, and they all say that the first thing you should do when negotiating any deal is publicly insult the people you are hoping will give you something.

“All this bumph and nonsense about mutual respect is nothing but piffle. I wouldn’t be surprised if I have Michel Barnier knocking at my door later this evening ready to give me everything I want.”

Boris once again reiterated his intention to walk away from the EU with no deal if all the ‘Hitler people in Brussels’ don’t do precisely what he wants in granting him a new and improved Brexit deal.

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He went on, “If we walk away, they won’t get their £39bn, so they’ll give me what I want. Obviously.

“But if they don’t, then I’ll rip up that £39bn cheque and they can go without.

“Of course, the morning after that happens I will want to begin talks on a free-trade agreement with precisely the same people I’ve told to ‘shove it’ – but I’m sure a few well-placed Nazi insults will get them to see things my way.

“No, I don’t think for one moment they will then try to get back the £39bn in the free-trade deal negotiations. Don’t be so preposterous.

“Nazi’s aren’t that clever.”