Scientists may one day discover cure for being Ann Widdecombe

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Science may offer a cure for being Ann Widdecombe one day.

The fat haunted painting opened her ugly fucking mouth over the weekend to suggest that science may “produce an answer” to being gay.

“Except we won’t, because we focus on problems, and being gay isn’t one,” confirmed scientist, Professor Simon Williams.

“However, we may be on the verge to curing Ann Widdecombe forever, having isolated the problem gene that we are calling the “dickhead gene’.

“We can eradicate it in future children so that no poor child has to suffer the burden of being Ann Widdecombe ever again.

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“Granted, this does mean we cannot currently cure the worst case of Anne Widdecombe in existence today. Science can only go so far.

“We have no idea of how we can deal with the current, advanced case of Anne Widdecombe.”

Gay person, Justin Perkins, said, “I have a solution” while fetching a shovel from the boot of his car.