Tory Brexit rebels pledge to take their fight to remove Theresa May ‘all the way to the European Court of Justice’

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Leading members of the Tory ERG Group, who have been trying to force Theresa May to quit her job as Prime Minister, have pledged to take their fight to the European Court if she refuses to resign.

Describing her premiership as ‘terrible’, leading Leave campaigners including David Davis, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Sir Whatsisname Thingummy and Oojamaflip Tipomatongue have been trying to bring enough MPs round to their way of thinking to remove the Prime Minister from her position.

The group has been trying to unseat Theresa May ever since they voted for her to stay in her job a few months ago.

“Yes, I may have voted for the Prime Minister to remain in her post less than six months ago, but it’s entirely unreasonable that she’s actually doing so,” Jacob Rees-Mogg told supporters.

“Obviously the fair and sensible thing to do would be either for the Prime Minister to do the exact opposite of what we voted for her to do, or to have a second, confirmatory vote to ensure that the difficult situation is resolved to everyone’s satisfaction,” he added, without the slightest trace of self-awareness or irony.

“Despite the last result, I think I speak for the people inside the conservative party when I say we want her out; and if the rules of the party I’m a member of don’t give me my way, I’ll have no choice but to use the European Court and all its powers to give me what I want.

“Thank God for the European Union standing up for the little man, like me.”