BBC to continue fight against racism by giving Danny Baker’s radio show to Nigel Farage

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After Danny Baker was fired by the BBC for tweeting a joke that appeared racist, the corporation has taken further steps to strengthen its anti-racism position by giving even more airtime to Nigel Farage.

Farage will take the reins on Baker’s weekend radio show on 5Live, after Baker was sacked for posting an image of a chimpanzee in reference to the latest royal baby.

A BBC spokesperson said they were absolutely delighted to secure the services of Farage, who already appears on their airwaves with such regularity he might as well be on the payroll.

They told us, “We’re fortunate that Nigel is already with us on Question Time tonight – again –  so he was in the building anyway and so the negotiations for him to take over Danny’s show could be swiftly resolved.

“He’s promised to spend his time on air telling it like it is, and calling out the political establishment for lying to the people. He has also promised no images of chimpanzees, but he wouldn’t rule out using out of context images of Syrian refugees if might help his cause.”

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Listeners have said they are a little shocked by the change of direction the show will take, especially given Baker was sacked for a racist a joke and Farage is known for speaking at far-right rallies and singing Nazi songs.

Radio owner Simon Williams told us, “The man already has a season ticket to our flagship political panel show, Question Time, so I suppose the next logical step was for the BBC to give him complete access to our airwaves each Sunday morning

“I think we all know one thing for certain, from now on, the sauce will never be brown.”