Monday 6 May 2019 by Lucas Wilde

Prince Harry’s son named after his grandfather, “James”

Harry and Meghan baby called James

Prince Harry’s son has been named after his biological grandfather.

James Windsor was born this afternoon in a private affair, away from the paparazzi and saving all of us in the news the televisual feast of staring at a hospital door for four hours straight.

”Yeah, they’ve gone with James, just for shits and giggles,” said palace spokesperson, Simon Williams.

”It’s the worst kept secret. We know you know, he knows you know, and he knows you know he knows.

“Anyway, good luck working this concept into a full article beyond the funny headline. I imagine you’ll struggle.”

A spokesperson for James Hewitt said, “No idea what you’re on about, mate.

”Charles is Prince Harry’s dad. Always has been, always will be. There’s been plenty of ginger chaps in the line of succession, and the fact Harry is the absolute clone of James Hewitt is pure coincidence.

”What? Oh no, I don’t think I’m struggling to keep a straight face. I was thinking of something else. *cough*”

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