Yorkshire celebrating Easter two days late now that chocolate eggs are half price

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Yorkshire is to celebrate Easter two days late to take advantage of 50% off deals on chocolate eggs.

Supermarket chains have marked down unsold Easter Eggs, mini eggs and creme eggs, and frugal Yorkshire folk have cashed in by delaying celebrations to get the best deal.

We spoke to plumber Simon Williams from Rawmarsh in the car park of Asda, where he was peeling a ‘To clear – half price!’ sticker off a gigantic Maltesers Egg before giving it to his kids.

“Aye, Jesus might have died for me sins and that on Easter, but he won’t mind waiting a few days for us to say thanks by stuffing us faces on discounted chocolate,” he told us.

“If anything he’d probably appreciate the thought.

“Best before dates are more a guideline than a rule anyway,” he added.

Reports suggest that Northerners aren’t just buying for this year – but stocking up on bargains for next Easter as well.

“If I buy Creme Eggs on sale and put them in the freezer, they’re still mostly okay after a year – and you’ll save a bob or two when you thaw them out rather than buying the new ones next year,” Simon said.

“I’ll tell you what, I got some of them fancy Green and Black’s eggs marked down to a quid. I’ll give them to our lass next April – she’ll love them when she’s picked all the white bits off.”