Nigel Farage launches new colour of bus with which to try and fool the public

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Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage hopes that a thin coat of paint is enough to make people forget the lies used in the 2016 referendum and accept any new lies that he chooses to comes up with.

The failed Conservative and UKIP politician who now represents yet another Brexit Party has chosen a weak, pale blue colour as the backing for his latest campaign to try and get back into the EU Parliament, a place that he says shouldn’t exist and is full of freeloaders who don’t do any real work.

Nigel Farage has been an MEP at the EU Parliament for 20 years, failing to attend almost half the sessions, participating in only 40% of votes and coming 737th out of 750 MEPs for productivity.

His failure to take part in fishing votes and represent the UK’s fishing industry is perhaps his greatest achievement, turning up for only 1 out of 42 meetings and voting against improvements for legislation that would help British fishing on three separate occasions.

Farage and his new colleagues hope the new bus will provide an increase in opportunities to point at something and grin in a way that reassures his voters and stops them thinking about all the ways that he has failed them in the past, despite taking large amounts of their money.

When asked about the new colour, prospective voter Dave Shingles said, “I’d like to know what their policies are for all the money I’ve given them, and how they plan to make Brexit a success, but for now, having a blue bus and not a red one is more than enough for me.”