Dog barking in his sleep dreaming he’s a direwolf

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A family dog barking in his sleep on the rug is dreaming of glorious battle against the horde of the Night King.

Mister Snufflechops, 9, is widely regarded as very affectionate and a bit dim and given to dribbling when he’s hungry – but in his head, he’s a gigantic hound, undefeated in a thousand battles.

“Look at him,” said owner Simone Williams as he wuffed and twitched his legs.

“I bet he’s chasing rabbits or something, the big old softy,” she added, unaware that in his dreams her dog was all that stood between her and untold foes of eternal darkness and icy death.

“Sometimes he wags his tail in his sleep. I bet then he’s dreaming about getting a biscuit or something,” Simone went on, in blissful ignorance that it was victorious delight and the blood of a legion staining his ravening maw.

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“He’s so sweet. He wouldn’t hurt a fly.”