Man buys ‘task management app’ in naive belief it will convert him into productive powerhouse

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A man has paid real money for a task management app that he is convinced will change him from being a perennial task avoider into a productive powerhouse capable of anything.

Simon Williams, 35, insisted the only thing holding him back from achieving his true potential, was something to help him sort out the tasks needed to get him there.

“I know I have it in me, it just doesn’t seem to come out very often,” he told us,

“I’ve had ‘buy a task management app’ on my to-do list since October, so that probably tells you what you need to know.

“But I read all the reviews, I watched a few how-to videos, and now I’m convinced this new app – called GetShitDone – will transform my life.  I may have spent thirty-five years on this planet procrastinating and being overly creative in coming up with ways to avoid actually doing things, but this app is the thing that will change me forever.

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“No more will the days simply get away from me, where I’ll go to bed and realise I’ve achieved very little and ticked off even less.

“From now on, GetShitDone will ensure every minute of my day will be spent methodically driving me towards my ultimate goals in life.

“No more excuses, this is a new me. I am on my way to a brighter future unburdened of productivity issues and lethargy. I will be organised, determined and efficient. The world had better watch out.

“But it is going to take a little while to get it set up properly, so I’ll probably just do it tomorrow.”