Lack of defibrillators on route puts Nigel Farage’s Brexit walk in doubt

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After Nigel Farage announced he was going to organise a walk from Sunderland to London in support of Brexit, health officials have cast doubt on its viability due to a lack of defibrillators that would be required to line the route.

Speaking to reporters cardiac specialist Prof. Simone Williams said, “A walk of almost 300 miles is not something that should be undertaken lightly, especially if you are elderly or unfit. We strongly recommend that Mr Farage reconsiders this plan given the demographic his movement is appealing to.

“Many people who voted Brexit are ageing or in quite poor health suffering from high blood pressure brought on by a perpetual state of anger and a sense of being a victim.

“Because of that we believe the entire 277-mile route would need to be lined with defibrillators in case of heart attacks brought on by the exertion of having to walk a bit, and there simply are not enough available.”

It isn’t just health officials who are worried, Justin Grimes from the AA has also cited concerns. Speaking yesterday, Mr Grimes said, “This clearly has not been thought through, and we are very worried about the problems this will cause to traffic flows.

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“It isn’t so much the number of people that will be the issue, we do not believe there will that be people many there, but those that are there will be concentrated in a small area as they move forward. It only takes a few Zimmer frames locking together and the whole thing will grind to a halt causing mayhem on our roads.”