“Leaving something you disagree with definitely better than staying and reforming it” insist breakaway Remainer Tory MPs

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Three Conservative MP’s left the party yesterday to join the Independent Group of MP’s who formed earlier this week, stating they had no choice but to leave given their opposition to the direction of the Tory party.

Speaking on behalf of the three MPs, remain supporting Anna Soubry said, “Our former party has fallen into the clutches of the DUP and European Research Group. So rather than stay and fight to try and resolve these issues, we have decided that leaving and going it alone is definitely the better option.”

MP Sarah Wollaston continued, “We have a strong history as individual MPs and we will certainly hold our own. The rest of parliament will definitely be queueing up to form deals and partnerships with us in the coming months and years.”

When quizzed on whether they would form an official political party going forward, third breakaway MP Heidi Allen stated, “We are not ruling anything out currently, but what people must understand is ‘breakaway means breakaway’.

“Yes, Theresa May held on to power after facing two votes of no confidence, but that result simply isn’t good enough for me I’m afraid. I represent my constituents and I can decide what is best for them in parliament, not what the rest of my party decides.”

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Ms Soubry replied when questioned, “Of course I understand the definition of irony, why do you ask?”