Thatcher memorial under threat as Brexit sees statue factory move overseas

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Plans to erect a statue of Margaret Thatcher could be scrapped along with hundreds of stonemason jobs because Sunderland’s world-renowned Prime Minister statue plant is relocating due to Brexit uncertainty.

It has been making Prime Minister statues for over fifty years but the factory which has created many iconic pieces such as the John Major Fountain in Brixton and Huddersfield’s Harold Wilson Water Maze is set to close its gates for the last time.

Bosses say that the economic uncertainty caused by Brexit makes a move to continental Europe the only sensible option.

Stonemason Simon Williams is still in shock at the news.

“This can’t be right, I’m halfway through my masterpiece,” he said, “The Theresa May Brexit Negotiation Plinth.

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“It’s like Nelson’s Column except it twists and turns, goes round in circles and gets itself tied up in all sorts of knots. It kind of looks like a giant mobius strip.

“May herself stands hunched and despairing at the top – which is actually the bottom – a soundless scream carved onto her haggard face.

“And what about our plans for the next PM – Boris? A massive chalk carving of his head was to be placed on the white cliffs of Dover next to the phrase ‘Fuck off back to France you foreign c*nts.’

“All this beautiful work will be lost forever. It’s too sad for words.”

Meanwhile, the proposed Thatcher memorial is also likely to be ditched. Grantham council is now thought to be building some proper public toilets in its place.