Man with no plan whatsoever for Brexit outraged by someone pointing it out

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Leading Brexit campaigner Simon Williams has reacted with fury today after it was pointed out he had no idea whatsoever what to do next.

Simon, who has no idea what to do next and never has, said it was an ‘unforgivable insult’ to have attention drawn to that fact – and blamed the EU for not coming up with a generous and well-thought-out plan to fill in the gaps he left.

“That’s the problem with these fascist, arrogant, totalitarian, stupid, drunk Euro-types”, he said. “All they have to offer is insults and nothing constructive.

“Why they couldn’t pull together and support my vague, woolly, feel-good field-of-unicorns vision of the future is an outrage.

“It’s not my fault I did no work whatsoever on what would happen after I achieved the thing I dedicated the last twenty years of my life towards, and them saying it just shows why we were right to vote leave.”

“People should show goodwill towards my complete lack of foresight, and point the finger of blame absolutely anywhere except me whilst doing all the work that I didn’t.”

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