OPINION: Sometimes every side is a little bit of a dickhead

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My, my, there’s a punchable face.

I mean I don’t know anything about this kid beyond the fact that he’s a Trump supporter (going by the hat) and he’s rich enough to put out a statement through a PR firm, which makes me hate him even more out of nothing more than simple envy, but Jesus, look at him. Somebody went to the Martin Shkreli school of unlikable smiling.

The kid’s name is Nathan Sandmann. He spells “Sandman” with an extra “n” because he’s richer than you; not that it matters too much as we’re calling him That Nazi With The Eyebrows now.

Look at him grinning in the face of that Native American who also happens to be a Vietnam war veteran (his name is Nathan Phillips). Everything I’m seeing in this 30 second video makes me want to thump this kid back to the 1950s where his political views definitely probably come from, judging by his hat, which is all I’ve got to go on.


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Additional footage seems to show that Captain Fuckwit and his fellow students from the School for Rich Christian Bastards didn’t actually swarm around Mr. Phillips, they were there already and the elder approached them with a drum, apparently trying to diffuse tension between the students and a nearby group of protesters calling themselves “Hebrew Israelites” who had earlier been shouting abuse at both the students AND Native Americans.

So Nathan Phillips wasn’t surrounded, he got involved in an attempt to diffuse tension, which is admirable, but banging a drum in someone’s face while singing a song might not be the best way to do that, otherwise every pub in the UK would keep several drums behind the bar. The footage suggests that Phillips could have walked around Sandmann if he felt he wanted to leave the scene, but chose not to. There’s no video evidence of anybody chanting “build that wall” either. Shit. This just got a little more complicated.


Oh bloody hell one of these people MUST be the dickhead, right? Please tell me it’s the mega-twat in the MAGA hat, I really want it to be him. Or the “Hebrew Isrealites” who kicked everything off? I’d settle for that. It can’t be the Native American elder, I’d feel a right fool if it was him.

…actually hang on, what if I don’t have to pick one?

What if we conclude that everybody is at least a BIT of a dickhead here?

The “Hebrew-Israelites” are straightforwardly dickheads for shouting obscenities at nearly everybody else.

The kid is a bit of a dickhead for grinning like a patronizing shit-eater at an older gentleman and not getting out of the way.

The Native American elder, Nathan Phillips, is a bit of a dickhead for wading into an argument and banging a drum in someone’s face while apparently thinking that’s a thing that calms most people down.

I’M a bit of a dickhead for initially accepting a short video clip as the full story just because I so badly wanted the rich kid in the MAGA hat to be the only dickhead here, when it seems there was more to it.

I really, REALLY wanted the kid to be the only dickhead here. But he isn’t.

Sometimes, every side is a little bit of a dickhead.