Brexiters demand future negotiations be carried out in railway car near Compiegne, France

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Brexit supporters have demanded that future negotiations with the EU regarding Brexit are carried out in a Railway Car near Compiegne, France.

It is hoped that by doing so, it will remind the Europeans of World War I, which was won single-handedly by England, and they will remember their place and stop being so uppity.

“It seems that this entire process would have gone a great deal more smoothly had those ghastly Europeans remembered who won the Great War,” said a red-faced man, angry about something or other.

“I think that by giving them a little reminder of when Germany, who lost the Great War, surrendered to England, who won it, then they’d remember that we’re best and they should damn well do as their told.”

The original wagon was destroyed during World War II, or so the Germans claim, there is every chance they’re just hiding it to avoid a situation like this.

It’s the sort of thing they’d do.

As such, Brexiters have proposed that we use one of those old slammy-door trains from the seventies as a symbol of when we didn’t need Europe and could have bananas that were so bendy they were a circle.

“Obviously, we want to maintain good relations with Europe,” continued the red-faced man.

“But, there’s no harm in reminding them that when it comes to wars, England always win, and we’ll win with Brexit, which is definitely a sort of war.”

Hearing of the plan, the EU issued an immediate response – “peu importe.”

It is unknown what the words mean as they appear to not be English