Man with nothing interesting to say really showing off his beard on Tinder profile

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A man with limited conversational prowess is really working his well-sculpted beard on Tinder.

Simon Williams, 32, is on the lookout for any ladies who can appreciate a man with a really well-honed beard game and aren’t overly picky about talking for more than five minutes or so.

His photos show him in a moody low light in semi-profile, the better to show off the way he has shaved his facial hair in a crisp line along his jawbone – although he doesn’t seem to realise this is exactly the same strategy pursued by 70% of the other men on the dating service.

Simon has used the pictures on his account to display his full range of emotions – half-profile serious, half-profile thoughtful, and half-profile working out at the gym.

“I think that a medium where I don’t have to say anything but do get to show off what I can do with a trimmer really shows me off at my finest,” he told us.

“I usually take any dates I get to this great little bar I know where they play nothing quieter than 140 decibels. The combination of uplighting and high noise displays both my conversational skills and the way my facial hair grades to their best effect.”

“Hey,  someone just messaged me!”, he added.

“I hope she’s asked about my beard care products.”