Tory Brexit rebels pledge to take their fight to remove Theresa May ‘all the way to the European Court of Justice’.

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Leading members of the Tory ERG Group, who have been trying to force a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister, have pledged to take their fight to the European Court if she refuses to resign.

Describing her deal as ‘terrible’, leading Leave campaigners including David Davis, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Sir Whatsisname Thingummy and Oojamaflip Tipomatongue have been trying to bring enough MPs round to their way of thinking to trigger a vote of no confidence.

The group have several times wrongly claimed to have the 48 signatures required, but frankly, if they can’t count to 48 heaven knows why they think anyone would put them in charge of anything important.

“Just because I can’t persuade 48 MPs to support me doesn’t mean that I couldn’t negotiate a better deal with 27 entire countries,” Rees-Mogg told supporters.

“And if the rules of the party I’m a member of don’t give me my way, I’ll use the European Court and all its powers to give me what I want.

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“Thank God for the European Union standing up for the little man, like me.”