Now still not the time to talk about gun control

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Nope, it’s still not the time to talk about gun control, we can confirm.

Whilst some sources have suggested that the wake of yet another mass shooting may, in fact, be a pretty good time to have a serious chat, that’s wrong, and people hoping to raise the topic can expect to be angrily shouted down by people with an eagle as their user icon, a stuck caps lock key and an IP address in St Petersburg.

The best time to discuss public controls on firearms is when they’re not in the news which, frankly, means never.

“It’s wrong to discuss these things in the wake of a mass shooting tragedy when emotions are running high and people might do things they could regret, like suggest any restrictions whatsoever,” said keen firearm enthusiast Simon-Bob Williams.

“Which, given that we have a mass shooting roughly every two and a half days, means we’ll never talk about it – and that’s just fine by me.

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“You’ll take my guns over your cold, dead children, liberals.”