D-List celebrity pretty annoyed to have only made guest list to this particular royal wedding

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That guy from that thing on that channel is attending the royal wedding of Princess Eugenie in Windsor today, but everyone can tell he’s a bit annoyed he didn’t make the cut for Harry’s wedding earlier this year.

A literally tens of people line the streets of Windsor in anticipating the royal family’s latest big day, many of the guests have begrudgingly taken a seat in St George’s chapel, quietly insisting they could definitely do better.

That guy told us, “I’ve got a hundred thousand followers on Instagram and I get recognised in Tesco at least a couple of times a week, so I can’t believe I’m only considered famous enough for Beatrice’s wedding.  Oh, it’s the other one? Really? OK.

“I mean, I get it – Harry is proper A-List royalty, but I was on the standby-list for I’m a Celebrity this year, so it’s not like I’m not seriously well-known.  Would an evening do invite have killed him?

“They haven’t even got Dermot O’Leary on presenting duties outside, just some guy for Radio Five Live – I mean, seriously, RADIO!

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“I hung around outside for ages outside and the only person who wanted an autograph was some woman who thought I was in Blue.

“If I don’t even make it into the pages of Hello! magazine this whole thing will have been a monumental waste of time.”

Meanwhile, the proceedings are expected to start late as the Queen is telling staff she wants to stay in and binge watch Netflix rather than go to some silly wedding downstairs, even going so far as to explain that Eugenie isn’t even “one of the good ones”.