Man ridiculing victim of sexual abuse on world stage asks ‘why didn’t she come forward sooner?’

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The most famous man on the planet has today valiantly used his platform to ridicule a woman for coming forward to report a life-changing incident where she was sexually assaulted.

The man took a few moments from his busy schedule of exaggerating his own personal achievements to ridicule the victim’s testimony moments after telling the world ‘it’s a scary time for young men to be alive in America’.

The man told the world, “If you’re a young guy hoping to get away with committing an act of sexual violence, it’s a scary scary time. That’s all I’m saying. It’s a scary time.”

The wise and learned man was able to tell immediately that the alleged victims’ testimony was false because of the length of time the victim took to come forward.

He went on, “If a woman was really attacked she would definitely come forward immediately.

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“There has never been an incident in the history of humanity where a fear of not being listened to has prevented any man, woman or child from reporting sexual abuse. It just doesn’t happen folks. Never happens.

“Why this woman I’m now making fun of in front of the entire planet’s media didn’t want to come forward sooner is a complete mystery. It’s certainly suspicious, don’t you think?

The man continued, “The consequences of this are very, very, very serious for my friend. He will never be able to get another job as long as he lives.

“Unless of course, he decided to run for President.”