Trust me to reduce migration, says woman who spent six years as home secretary promising the exact same thing

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Theresa May has promised to get migration under control, just like she promised to do as Home Secretary in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

After being made Home Secretary in 2010, Theresa May famously said she would bring net migration down to less than 100,000 per year, and then missed her target by at least 100,000 in each of the next five years.

“But this is different,” explained the prime minister, promising she will definitely get migration under control this time.

“Now we will have control over migration from the EU, not just the rest of the world.  Yes, I know that migration from the rest of the world didn’t come down under my watch as Home Secretary, even when I had complete control over who did and did not get to come into the country – but this is different.

“It’s different because I say it is, and that’s the end of the matter.”

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Supporters of the prime minister have welcomed the new government’s migration proposals, insisting that getting it wrong every year since 2010 means they will definitely get it right now.

Voter Simon Williams told us, “Criticise her all you like, but the government has clearly learned many ways to fail at controlling immigration from outside the EU, so I am confident they can apply those lessons to immigration from inside the EU.

“Just because someone has repeatedly promised to deliver something in the past – and failed every time – is no indication that they will continue to fail in the future.

“If anything, the law of averages suggests she’s more likely to get it right this time.”

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