Man opting for heterosexual civil partnership definitely still entitled to a stag do

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The most important part of any marriage will not be lost simply by opting for a civil partnership, according to a legal ruling this morning.

After heterosexual couples were given the right to have a civil partnership rather than a marriage, there had been concerns that the long-held institution of a ‘Stag Do’ for the male participant might be under threat.

The Supreme Court spoke at length about the rights of those couples hoping to enter into a civil partnership, and went on to confirm that the male participant should have full and unhindered access to a stag do.

However, there are already murmurings that the decision may be challenged by those women who were hoping that not going for a full-blown marriage might see their partner avoid having sex with an Eastern European prostitute in the seedy suburb of a city EasyJet almost flies to.

Simon Williams, 35, who will soon enter a civil partnership with his fiance Tracy Matthews, told us, “I’ll be honest, I was quite nervous about the judgement this morning, but I couldn’t be happier that I can now enjoy a long weekend in Prague with a bunch of mid-thirties reprobates who really should know better.

“I know there are some bigots out there that believe a stag do should only be enjoyed as part of a traditional marriage – but I’m here to tell those people to join the twenty-first century.”

However, Tracy told us, “If he thinks Dirty Kev from the pub is taking him on a plane anywhere he’s got another think coming.”