Girlfriend changes volume during movie a record 287 times

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The girlfriend of a local man has broken a long-held world record by changing the volume on a film they were watching together a total of 287 times.

Tracy Matthews, 35, took control of the TV remote during the opening credits, and proceeded to tweak the volume approximately three times a minute for the next hour and a half.

During their time watching Avengers: Infinity War, Matthews turned the volume down due to the excessively noisy credits, up due to quiet dialogue, down due to explosions, up as she couldn’t hear it now, and down again because of the loud fighting – over and over again for almost two hours.

Matthews told us, “I don’t know why they make the violence so loud and the talking so quiet – why can’t they just release a nice normal version where the sound is all the same volume throughout so I can just sit and enjoy it and not have to keep changing it.”

“She does this with absolutely everything that we watch,” explained her boyfriend, Simon.

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“I’ve tried explaining that the loud bits are deliberately loud to create a sense of tension or excitement and that changes from quiet to loud, or vice versa are a deliberate step taken by the filmmakers to create a more immersive experience for the viewer.

“She said ‘well that’s just stupid’.

“Apparently they are all wrong and she’s the only person who knows how sound in movies should be.

“And don’t get me started on the complaint letters she wrote after our last visit to the local multiplex cinema. We’re not allowed to go there any more.”