Dog wondering if you need any help finishing your dinner

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Your pet dog has generously offered to help you finish your dinner, it has emerged.

The dog, who is acting completely selflessly, has noticed you’ve got a fair amount of food up there and it’s his duty to step in and help you out if you can’t manage it all.

“I’m just letting you know that I’m here if you need me,” he added whilst staring first at your plate, then you, and then back to your plate.

“As the dog around here, it’s my job – my duty – to help and protect people,” he told us.

“If they get into trouble, for example, or if they’ve got far too much delicious, tasty food on their plate right in front of them that they might not be able to eat all by themselves.

“Then, well, someone has to step in to help. No matter what, if you’ve got more than you can eat, here I am. Right here.

“I’m right here. Hello? Right here?

“Ignore the cat,” he added. “He’s not hungry.”