‘Is any child safe online?’ asks Daily Mail, as web team upload photos of celebrity child in bikini

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The Internet publishing team at the Daily Mail are refusing to let their own front page story about child grooming overshadow a cracking photo of Harper Beckham in a bikini.

The vile hate rag, which also has a bewilderingly popular web presence with the Daily Mail Online, saw fit to devote their front page to a report on the dangers of online child grooming whilst simultaneously encouraging its online readership to feast their eyes on the half-clad figure of a seven-year-old girl. Yes, seven.

“That’s mental about all them paedos on the Internet, innit?” said Daily Mail Online editor Simon Williams, zooming in on a photo of the Beckhams in swimming costumes and cropping out everyone apart from seven-year-old Harper.

“Eighty thousand of them, apparently. Absolutely bloody disgusting.”

Shaking his head at the deplorable state of predators online he added, “It makes me worried for all the kids out there. I mean, look at this one, she’s a stunner, ain’t she, just like her mum. What a body she’s got already, eh? It’s such a shame that sick weirdos will be sat at home in their darkened rooms looking for photos just like this one that I’ve just uploaded to the Internet.

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“What is the world coming to, I just don’t know how we can stop it.”

Suddenly his phone rang and he answered, saying “Hi mate. Beyonce’s twins in short dresses? Of course, send it over and I’ll put it online straight away.”

I think, therefore I am (not a Daily Mail reader) – get the t-shirt!