Furious alt-righters demand that Sadiq Khan get very upset at their balloon

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Supporters of the far-right in the UK have taken to social media in a frenzy and launched a formal petition demanding that Sadiq Khan cry, shake his fist in rage and pay attention to them because of their incredibly clever idea of copying the blimp of Donald Trump as a baby.

Youtube provocateur WhiteFreedom, real name Simon Williams, explained that Sadiq Khan’s casual focus on more important things was yet more proof of his contempt for his political opponents.

“So even when he’s not doing his job of personally stopping every crime in London, he can’t take the time to censor us or write a triggered column in the Guardian decrying our racism? It’s just disrespectful.

“Does he not realise the work that went into that balloon? We had to look up how the people who had the idea first went about it. We had to beg our parents for extra pocket money to crowdfund it.

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“And the worst insult is that he joked about us watching him in a bikini. I talk about Muslims all day so I’m an expert. That’s why we chose the bikini. He is religiously obligated to start yelling in Arabic and ask for our deaths. It was so brilliant.

“But now we look like ignorant morons who are so stupid they think Muslims mindlessly react to certain things like vampires. And the bikini thing just comes across like we projected our deep-rooted homophobia and sexism.

“Couldn’t he have done the decent thing and at least sent a series of angry midnight tweets like a petty fuckwit holding a job that he is pitifully incapable of doing?”

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