£25,000 Nigel Farage painting fails to sell because obviously no-one is that stupid

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A painting of Nigel Farage available for just £25,000 has failed to sell, much to the surprise of absolutely no-one, according to the gallery displaying it for the last few weeks.

Despite being shown as part of the Royal Academy’s prestigious summer exhibition, no-one has decided to part with the sort of money people spend on house deposits on a large painting of a man who looks like a toad.

A spokesperson for the exhibition said, “It had a lot of interest, and by interest, I mean people stopped to look – to make sure we had genuinely included a painting of Nigel Farage in our exhibition.

“Apparently that shocked a few people.”

Visitor to the exhibition, Simon Williams, told us, “I came to see art, not the gurning visage of that reptilian proto-fascist.

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“When I saw it was for sale for twenty-five grand I nearly pissed myself.  It’s almost like the perfect test for mental illness. Anyone willing to spunk up for that painting is clearly not fit to look after themselves or their own finances.

“The fact that it remains unsold is literally the least surprising thing I’ve heard since Nigel Farage started blaming other people for the shit show that is Brexit.”

Despite the lack of commercial interest, art critics have hailed the piece as ‘capturing the essense’ of the man.

As one told us, “It’s not often you can look at a painting and decide the person you’re looking at can’t be trusted and would lie to his own grandmother to further his political career – but this painting captures it perfectly.”