Woman pretty sure she absolutely, definitely turned her hair straighteners off. Probably.

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A woman is constantly reassuring herself that there is no need to worry about whether she left her hair straighteners on because she certainly didn’t. Did she?

Sandra Williams first had the thought she might have left her straighteners on the very moment she closed her front door. However, knowing full well she was just being silly, she dismissed the notion and concentrated on getting to work on time.

Having spent her entire commute convincing herself she didn’t leave them on, Sandra is now sitting at her desk thinking about nothing else.

“In hindsight, I should probably have quickly popped back upstairs to check as soon as the thought entered my head,” she said.

“But it doesn’t matter – I wouldn’t have left them on because hair straighteners get really hot and dangerous. If I’d just flung the burning tongs down on my duvet before dashing out of the door this morning then my flat and all my worldly possessions would now be turned to ash. So I wouldn’t have done that would I?

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“Even if I had, it would now be too late to do anything about it.

“Unless I did but they haven’t caught fire yet in which case a mad dash home might just avert disaster.

“Except that would be daft because home is an hour away and I didn’t leave them on. So that’s all good…”

Did you leave your hair straighteners on this morning? Maybe your electric toothbrush is still on charge and is going to catch fire?

Perhaps you’d better pop home to check.