Current populist movement in UK and across Europe is ‘unique in all of history’, claims Führer Farage

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Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has told Fox News that “Brexit was the first brick knocked out of the wall” of European Union institutions and that the populist government in Italy could be the second that may destroy the EU within a decade.

Expanding further Mr Farage said, “Never before has such a movement occurred in Europe, or indeed the world. It’s unique in all of history.

“Italy has never had a populist government in power, so what we are seeing there is something new, and very exciting. This really is uncharted territory.

“Who knew that the 2008 financial crash which lead to a depression of enormous proportions across all major economies, would lead to populist, nationalist movements across Europe growing exponentially.

“Historians and politicians alike must agree that this is totally without precedent.

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“What we are seeing is a groundswell of public opinion determined to throw out the old ways of the liberal elite, and instead create a fourth regime, or as our German friends would say, Reich.

“However, the establishment, in the form of the politicians, judges, intellectuals, teachers, business people, unions, academics, the list goes on, will do anything to prevent it from coming about.

“My struggle, as documented in my new book coming out at Christmas, has always been to ensure the Pax Europaea that has been forced upon us since 1945 is destroyed. Most people don’t even know what it means, so why should they have to abide by it?

“Once the corrupt EU is destroyed, and populist governments are installed across Europe, who knows what could happen?”