Burkas offend me and should be banned, insists man on Internet demanding freedom to offend whomever he likes

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Burkas and other Islamic face coverings are extremely offensive and should be banned from civilised society, according to a man who spends hours of his life on the Internet defending his right to be offensive to whoever he chooses.

Simon Williams, 48, has a proud history of telling snowflakes to get over it when they take exception to one his well-crafted hot takes on topical social issues such as Brexit, immigration and prison reform.

He told us, “This is a free country, and if I want to be offensive, then I should be allowed to be – who cares if you’re offended? Hurt feelings aren’t illegal. Not yet anyway. If the liberal snowflakes get their way, who knows.

“But banning the Burka is very different though, because that is properly offensive, and it’s offensive to me, so it should be banned with immediate effect, obviously.

“How dare they go around freely doing a thing that I find distasteful? It’s an outrage, and we need the government to ban it today.

“Some people will say that taking such a position is hypocritical, but I would tell those snivelling snowflakes to get over it. I can’t be hypocritical because I’m a white male, and the burkas are worn exclusively by brown women.

“Checkmate, libtards.”

Williams also went on to explain that he holds other contradictory positions, should we be interested in hearing them.

He concluded, “I also think our prisons are like holiday camps, except when freedom fighter Tommy Robinson is put inside, in which case they suddenly become like Guantanamo Bay just because he couldn’t have his own television.”