We definitely should have had Brexit-level preparedness for the millennium bug, confirms IT community

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Following Bernard Jenkins assertion that the Y2K bug was “hysteria”, software developers and IT professionals around the world have unanimously agreed that the years of meticulous planning and work that successfully averted most issues should have been replaced by a strategy of “just winging it”.

Commenting, veteran developer Simon Williams said, “In 1996 I was working for a large financial institution that had critical legacy systems spanning back to the 70s. These systems were the bedrock of their business and had multiple other systems linked to them.

“The fear was that Y2K would bring the core system down, thus crashing all other systems, which could have brought the business to a halt.

“We spent several years reviewing and testing millions of lines of code, and fixing issues where we found them; however, following Mr Jenkins’ comments, I now understand that such action was just hysteria.

“If we had taken an approach that was more like his and his cohorts’ attitude to the country’s Brexit preparations, companies across the world could have saved a great deal of money.

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“Instead of preparing defined goals and achievable outcomes, throwing adequate time and resources at identifiable risks, and resolving the issues in a timely manner thus averting catastrophe, we should have just winged it.

“I am going to start a new methodology in Software Development, one that is based around belief, denial and hope, that fits perfectly with the new Brexit paradigm.

“I am currently working on critical systems for air traffic control, and that is the first area it will apply.”

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