Lebron James offers Donald Trump a place in his elementary school

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Basketball superstar, Lebron James, has opened his heart to another struggling child.

Following Donald Trump’s tweet alluding to the idea that Lebron James was stupid – in the same week that James announced he was opening an elementary school and graduate programme for “at risk” children – the basketball player and philanthropist smiled, tilted his head sideways a bit, and immediately made arrangements to help with the President’s ongoing education.

“I just want to help,” confirmed LeBron James, with typical humility and charm.

“Donald Trump lashed out at something he doesn’t understand, but that’s not his fault. It’s actually not unusual for frightened and confused children to do that. He just doesn’t know any better.”

“I’m not angry at Donald, I’m angry at the social failings that made Donald that way, and I want to lift him out of it if I possibly can.

“Learning opportunities should not be limited due to learning difficulties like his. He finds it difficult to learn new ideas, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t help him try.”

The President of the United States of America responded to the offer of free education from James by saying, “Eewwww, school?

“I don’t need school. I already know things. I know great things. Ask anybody, they’ll you about all the great thing I know.

“That’s why my own university turned out so great – oh it didn’t? Well, nobody told me, so that doesn’t count.”

“Say…could you tie my shoelaces? I was sick the day they taught us that. My bone spurs were acting up.”