Donald Trump Walk-of-Fame star to be replaced with ‘Whack-A-Trump’

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A version of whack-a-mole will replace Donald Trump’s Hollywood star.

Following reports that officials have requested the star be removed after growing tired of paying to replace the thing every time someone sets about it with a hammer, someone has had the bright idea to replace it with something designed to be hammered to shit.

“It’s going to be a little plastic Donald Trump that pops out of the ground, and you hit it with a hammer” confirmed spokesperson, Simon Williams.

“It makes perfect sense. People have gotten used to taking a sledgehammer to that particular spot, so we might as well make a game of it. We’re going to have a scoreboard and everything.

“We’ve reinforced the material as we anticipate some people are going to be hitting the thing really quite hard.

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“We’ve already been inundated with booking requests, particularly by one lady with a strong Eastern-European accent going by the name of ‘Melania Tr-er…Smith’, which is an unusual name to me but I don’t want to appear culturally insensitive.”

Sledgehammer enthusiast and bleeding-heart leftie, Hayley Rice, said “I’ve already booked my plane tickets and a week off.

“When they said they were removing the star, I was disappointed, as I’d just purchased a pneumatic drill and ear defenders.

“But upon hearing the news of the whack-a-trump, I’ve traded it in for a collector’s set of socialist sledgehammers made from ethically sourced materials.

“My arms are going to look like Thor’s by the time I’m finished with that thing.”

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