Liam Fox to replace Barry Chuckle in Chuckle brothers

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Disgraced former Foreign Secretary Liam Fox, who recently beat Chris Grayling to the title of Britain’s stupidest MP, has applied to join the Chuckle Brothers as a replacement for the sadly deceased Barry Chuckle.

Dr Fox claimed to be looking forward to the new role.

He told reporters, “After several years of doing whatever it is I do in government I am relishing the prospect of a new challenge in the Chuckle Brothers.

“I have been fully briefed on my role by my new colleague Paul Chuckle.

“As I understand it, my main responsibility will be to help Paul carry something whilst saying – ‘To you, to him, to someone else, erm…not to the EU.’ No wait, that isn’t it, is it.

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“Barry? I still haven’t quite got it. What do I say again?”

There are some concerns that Dr Fox simply doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to perform his duties as one-half of the Chuckle Brothers.

“It’ll be a big challenge for Liam,” said a former cabinet colleague.

“It’s all very well having a job he doesn’t understand in government, he can just sit quietly behind a desk and insult foreigners when called upon.

“But, being a Chuckle Brother? People don’t seem to realise they were geniuses pretending to be idiots. Whereas Liam is just… well, an idiot. He also doesn’t have their level of timing, talent, or charm.

“We all wish him well, nonetheless.”

Liam Fox, who will now be known as Liam Fox Chuckle, will be joining the Chuckle Brothers with immediate effect, leaving his current post of Minister for Something or Other to be filled by a cheap child’s soft toy that had been discarded earlier outside the Houses of Parliament.