The Simpsons will stop when the sun does, confirms Fox

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The Simpsons will continue to air until the sun is a cold lump of coal.

Fox confirmed today that the astonishingly successful animated television show – which hasn’t been funny since 1999 – will keep going regardless of how objectively awful it becomes.

“You should see some of the shit we have planned for next season,” chuckled Fox executive, Simon Williams.

“We’re going to have an episode where Homer meets Alex Jones and they both somehow end up naked in a park until Alex Jones somehow becomes a normal person. It’s going to be fucking awful.

“And we’re somehow still making money from this shite, so we are to keep going until earth’s main power source is reduced to a pebble.

“I’ve packed some sweaters. It could get nippy.”

Former fan, Jay Cooper, said, “Seasons 2 through 10 were absolute genius from start to finish. Anything beyond that varies from an acceptable waste of half an hour to borderline torture.

“There was one involving Lisa and Lady Gaga…I’ve blocked out most of that episode but I know it’s how I lost an ear.”