Man who thinks ‘participation trophies’ have ruined a generation demands open top bus parade for England team

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A man who will loudly tell you that participation trophies and celebrating ‘taking part’ instead of winning has ruined an entire generation, is demanding the England team get an open top bus parade finishing fourth at the World Cup.

Derek Williams, 58, has spent the last few years explaining to anyone who will listen, and many who won’t, that the nation is going to the dogs because children today get to celebrate taking part instead of winning which has created a population full of “molly-codled soft-touches unprepared for the real world.”

However, he argues that not winning the World Cup is an achievement worth celebrating with an open top bus parade around the capital.

Williams explained, “Kids these days don’t know they’re born.  Do you think we got a trophy for taking part? Did we heck as like. You were either a winner or a loser, and that black and white result prepares you for life as an adult where the real world doesn’t deal in participation trophies.

“We’ve got an entire generation that believes they’re entitled to things without having to earn them. It’s just not right.

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“But this is different. When I say ‘not winning’ is ‘losing’. I’m not talking about the World Cup. Losing there is definitely worth celebrating, and we should all be proud of the nation’s participation.

“Just because they didn’t win doesn’t mean we shouldn’t treat them like winners.

“I know I said that losing shouldn’t be celebrated and that it’s an important lesson people need to learn, but this was losing in a good way.”