US Presidents should stay out of Brexit debate only when they disagree with me, clarifies Nigel Farage

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President Trump can say what he likes about Brexit, because unlike Barack Obama, Trump has the correct opinion, according to Nigel Farage this morning.

Farage, who was loudly and publicly critical of Barack Obama offering his opinion on Brexit before the EU referendum, has spoken in support of Donald Trump’s view that the UK should push for a hard Brexit.

“US Presidents should stay out of the sovereign affairs of this country – unless I happen to agree with them,” Farage told reporters this morning.

“The UK should be free to make decisions without the outside influence of the most powerful nation on earth, unless that influence is useful to me in pushing the nation in a direction that I approve of.

“People will accuse me of hypocrisy, but trust me, I’ve been accused of much worse.

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“It’s all very straightforward really, the interference of foreign officials in the democratic processes of this country is unconscionable, except in cases where that interference aligns perfectly with my own ambitions. In which case it’s not only acceptable, but positively welcomed.”

Political analysts have suggested that Farage’s public moral contortions on the subject of foreign influence in Brexit should be considered when asking whether or not he was complicit in any Russian interference in the referendum.

As one explained, “Farage is perfectly happy to see the leader of another nation try and influence our country in a direction that benefits another nation – when it also happens to be the best thing for Nigel Farage.

“So why would it be so different if the guy’s name was Vladimir instead of Donald?”

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