Donald Trump bamboozled as Mike Pence throws blanket in the air and ‘disappears’

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Mike Pence has done Donald Trump a bamboozle.

The President of the United States simply could not fathom how it was that Vice President, Mike Pence, could stand in a doorway, throw a blanket in the air in front of him and then vanish.

“I want the Secret Service mobilised immediately,” declared a panicked Trump.

“Mike is the only one around here who knows what he’s doing, we gotta find him. He knows how to work the telephone and everything. He’s a great guy, folks.”

Secret Service agent, Chuck Williams, sighed, “This is the third time this week.

“Pence hasn’t gone anywhere, he just threw the blanket in the air and took a step to the right behind the door.

“However, that hasn’t stopped the President going down to the basement with a torch as he’s convinced that is where the Vice President has gone.

“It’s kinda funny until you realise that one day I might have to take a bullet for this person.”

A giggling Pence said, “I hope he never works it out. This is the best fun since church camp.”