American furiously tweeting ‘Go back home!’ from house built on stolen Navajo land

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An American is busying himself telling immigrants to go back to their ancestral homes.

Chuck Williams, 51, has his ancestry based in Europe and lives in a house built on land that used to belong to the Native American Navajo tribe until some European-descended-Americans came over and told them it didn’t anymore.

“All these people who didn’t originate here need to pack their shit and get out,” declared Williams, making no effort to pack a suitcase of his own.

“I know the statue of Liberty says some stuff about letting people in but that chick is French, so I don’t trust her on little bit.

“This is America, and by saying that, I’ve won the argument. So there.”

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Navajo tribe member, Altsoba Chee, said, “Yeah, my tribe used to farm this land a long time ago.

“But we’ve been gradually forced out over the course of about a hundred years so that non-Native Americans could build houses and have a Starbucks and a Wallmart.

“Now there are about nine of us left and Chuck keeps yelling at us to go back home to Mexico.”