Trump quits UN Human Rights Council claiming it’s biased against human-rights abusers

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The US has quite the UN Human Rights Council claiming it’s biased against countries just because they commit human rights abuses.

The President targeted the treatment of Israel, particularly, saying that it had been the target of continued criticism from the Council for nothing more than constant, day-to-day human rights violations as formal Government policy.

“We will not be party to a human-rights organisation that shows such bias against countries who violate human rights,” said Mr Trump.

“Particularly those who my hard-line Christian supporters absolutely love.”

However, there are suggestions that the US has pulled out from the organisation because it wishes to extend its policy of ill-treatment to migrant children, with plans to send them out to work for American families until they’ve earned the cost of their passage back to wherever they came from.

“Yeah, I mean we know that once we start the child-slavery thing we’ve going to see a lot of bias from the Human Rights Council against us, purely because we’re abusing the human rights of children,” said an anonymous aide from within the Trump Government.

“We don’t see why we should put up with that sort of anti-American treatment, so we’re pulling out now to get ahead of it.

“We are America, the land of the free, and that means ‘free to abuse the human rights of whomever we choose’.”

It is thought that Israel and the USA will set up their own human rights organisation where they can decide exactly who deserves human rights on a case-by-case basis.