Arctic Monkeys confound fans by releasing an album of nursery rhymes

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Rock megastars The Arctic Monkeys have left fans bemused after releasing an album of their favourite nursery rhymes.

Famed for their breathless brand of indie rock coupled with the incisive street poetry of singer Alex Turner, the new album takes an unexpected turn with songs such as Humpty Dumpty and Goosey Goosey Gander.

“Well, I think we’d have stagnated as artists if we’d just turned out another indie album,” said Turner, resplendent in a jolly clown costume.

“We wanted to broaden the musical palate of the band and really expand people’s perception of what the Arctic Monkeys can be.

“And I also happen to think that I’m a Little Teapot is a tune.”

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The twenty songs are performed in their traditional arrangements with an emphasis on a cheery delivery and a slow pace to allow children to sing along.

Turner went on, “Yeah, actually the tour later this year is going to be for under-5s and mums only.

“We’re doing it for the kids, man. We want them to have a really nice, positive time at our gigs.

Fans of the band seemed to cautiously embrace the new record.

“It is a bit different, I suppose,” said fan Simon Williams.

“I mean, I was expecting a load of songs about getting a handjob behind Greggs, but I suppose Old King Cole will do.”

It is expected the next Arctic Monkeys album will be a selection of James Last compositions with Matt Helders on flute and Alex Turner nodding appreciatively in the background.

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