Shock as £60 fine fails to deter parents from saving thousands on term-time holidays

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Charging parents £60 for taking their children on holiday during term-time is ‘totally worth it’, according to the parents who happy to pay it.

As new research showed that parents being threatened with a fine of £60 made absolutely no difference whatsoever to their decision to take them out of school, or not, experts have been left to ponder the reason why the deterrent has not worked.

Father of two, Simon Williams, told us, “My son is eight, so it’s not like he’s going to be spending his days at school learning how to split the atom – whereas our week in Spain is going to cost me £800 more if we go during the half-term break.

“Even an eight-year-old who just missed a week of school can do that maths on that particular equation.

“Frankly I’d be happy writing them a cheque for £120 and telling them we’ll be going away during the Autumn term too.”

Headmaster Gerald Matthews said he was disappointed that parents were failing to heed his warnings about term-time absences.

He told us, “The £60 fine is really only part of it, it’s more about the education they’re missing and wondering if your child will ever truly catch-up when they miss so much time. Though given the choice, I’d put the parents in prison, definitely.”

However, Williams concluded, “It’s very simple. Holiday companies are gouging parents who want to go away in the school holidays. If the amount of that price gouging is more than the fine from the school, then we’ll keep going on holiday in term time. Simple.”