Huge surge in support for anti-Brexit campaigns as Jacob Rees-Mogg threatens to leave country

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Jacob Rees-Mogg’s threat to the leave the country if the Conservative’s abandon Brexit has not had quite the effect he hoped it would.

Far from steadying the ship and reinforcing the nation’s commitment to Brexit, millions of people have admitted they’re happy to consider Brexit alternatives if it means the country has one less anachronistic aristocrat telling people what’s best for them.

Voter Simon Williams told us, “I get it; he likes Brexit. But he’s also a bit of a twat with it, don’t you think?

“I mean, if he released albums instead of running for parliament, most people would describe his affectations as over-the-top nonsense designed to draw attention to himself.

“I voted Remain, but I was also happy to sit back and watch it unfold, we had a vote, and we’re leaving, I accepted that – but now he’s added an extra motivation to cancel the whole thing I’ve joined my local group trying to stop Brexit.

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“If we get our way, I’d happily pack his bags – if he gives one of his valets the day off, obviously.”

Meanwhile, government officials have asked Rees-Mogg to stop giving the other side motive to try and stop Brexit.

A CCHQ insider told us, “We were finally getting somewhere, with many Remainers realising it’s too late to change anything – many of them were starting to settle down, and then he goes and gives them a whole new incentive to try and stop it. The twat.

“It’s like he’s dropped chum into the waters filled by demoralised sharks, he’s created a feeding frenzy where previously there was nothing but a calm ocean.

“He should stick to doing impressions of the sort of person who would have been a prime suspect in the hunt for Jack the Ripper.”