Singer singing songs is momentous historical event, claim completely reasonable music journalists

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Many cultural commentators have just proclaimed that a recent performance by the popular singer Beyonce at the music festival Coachella, was an event of great historical importance even though it was a scheduled appearance by a professional singer at a setting specifically designed for that purpose.

Reporters at online news sources such as the Huffington Post alongside traditional publications like the Guardian, have declared that a pop star doing her job in the expected manner was the defining event for a whole generation.

Simon Williams, the senior editor at Buzzfeed, was adamant the appearance of Ms Knowles was by far the most newsworthy event to happen over the weekend.

“Everybody will forever remember where they were when Queen B appeared on stage at Coachella. And I feel privileged that I was a witness to this key moment in human development.

“Who could have imagined that a woman who has been performing for over 2 decades would actually get through a set? Who would have foreseen that someone who works with a highly experienced media team could have created such hype?

“I don’t think I have ever seen something as empowering and revolutionary as a well-established beautiful millionaire calling out oppression. Centuries of ignorant hateful beliefs will surely come to an end now that a woman in a skimpy costume has gyrated on stage.

“Now excuse me but I have write 500 hyperbolic tweets about how Beyonce singing a duet with her sister is as important a moment in black history as the abolition of slavery.”