Labour activist commemorating Martin Luther King anniversary also member of Death To Israel Facebook group

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Hard left activist, Simon Williams, is planning a small gathering to commemorate the death of Martin Luther King to which no Jews are invited, it has emerged.

Williams admits he sees no problem whatsoever in celebrating the life of the anti-racism campaigner while simultaneously being a member of a Facebook page that has called for the extermination of European Jewry.

Despite a nagging suspicion that he may, in fact, be a total arse, Williams remains steadfast in his belief that Left-on-Jew racism is, in some way, a lot more wholesome than the white-on-black variety.

Williams recently told pals that he has a dream in which his four children will grow up in a world where they will be judged solely on the content of their characters, not by their hate-fuelled Twitter rants.

The 42-year-old trustafarian remains unconvinced that if Martin Luther King were alive today, he would be campaigning against all kinds of racism wherever it occurs and in whatever form.

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“If Martin Luther King were here today, he would be highlighting the injustices perpetrated against the Palestinian people by painting a massive mural of a fat Jewish banker eating an Aryan baby,” he told us.

“Yes, he would, shut up.

“Anyway, the Jews are a religion so it’s definitely not racial.”

Meanwhile, Williams has vowed to lead his thirty-four Facebook friends to the ‘promised land’ of equality, justice and casting doubt on the historical veracity of the holocaust.

He added, “I’ve been to the mountaintop. Well, the Golan Heights at least..”

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